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(209) 252-3857

Star Mechanical AC and Heating

Residential and Commercial HVAC Solutions

Save time and money with our certified Air Conditioning repair technicians.

Furnace solutions to keep your house warm. Install a furnace today.

Maintenance is essential to the functioning of your Heating and Cooling system.

What Our Clients Say

  I have used Star Mechanical to repair and replace AC units on several of my rental properties. They are very reasonable, on time, and do a quality job

Dennly B.

  Star Mechanical did a professional job relocating the AC outside compressor unit. Professional, attentive, and efficient. Call them when you need personal / friendly local service.

William F.

Star Mechanical AC and Heating - Reliable Service in Manteca

Honest Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Manteca, CA

When it comes to the air conditioning and heating in your home, you should never settle for ‘it’s ok’. Especially when living in beautiful Manteca, it’s important that your home is well air-conditioned to keep you and your family comfortable. Whether your unit is inefficient or just no longer in good working condition, the team at Star Mechanical can help.

Star Mechanical provides trusted air conditioning and heating repair and installation. We work with premium brands so you can expect a high-quality product combined with a top notch service. If you have an emergency HVAC situation whereby your unit stops working, we offer 24-hour emergency service so we’ll get out to you ASAP to fix the issue. Tap on one of the buttons below to get in touch with a fully certified HVAC technician.

Trained & Certified

Our technicians are BPI Certified and NATE Certified. This means that we are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of HVAC services. You can trust that you are hiring a professional when you call us.

We Love Keeping You Comfy!

Star Mechanical is a family business. We understand and appreciate the importance of staying comfortable at home — that’s why we love what we do. As an owner-operated company, it means you always have the chance to speak with our director. With our timely service, affordable pricing, and our genuine care, we have been lucky enough to be serving Manteca since 2008.

Dependable AC & Heating Services in & Around Manteca, CA

Serving both Residential & Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning Needs

  • Air Purifier System
  • HVAC Parts, Repair, Installation
  • Ductless Systems
  • Attic Insulation and Ventilation
  • HVAC Repair
  • HVAC Maintenance Tune Up and Inspection
  • HVAC Replacement Cost and Installation
  • Gas Furnace Installations

Star Mechanical AC and Heating Is Here To Make You Smile With Professional HVAC Services

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Air Conditioning installation

Air Conditioning

Your AC unit is a necessity in our beautiful California weather. It’s no good if you switch it on to feel it is blowing out warm air. Your home is a place to escape the heat and relax — this won’t be the case if your AC unit isn’t working properly.

AC Repair

It’s true that HVAC malfunctions seem to happen when you least expect! And it's even worse when it happens on a particularly hot day. That’s why we aim to get out to you to repair your unit on the same day. Our licensed professionals will take you through every step of the process from start to finish, explaining your system’s diagnosis and solutions to fit your budget.

No matter your system, our team is specialized in repairs for a variety of brands, so you can have peace of mind knowing we’ll have your system back up and running in no time.

AC Installation

Are you in the market for a new AC unit? Perhaps your current one is rocketing your energy bills, without you feeling a real impact?

Whatever the case may be, our experienced team will collaborate with you to find the perfect HVAC system to keep your home cool, energy-efficient, and affordable. After designing the perfect solution for your needs, we’ll install your system completely at your ease. Once installed, we will walk you through maintaining and keeping your system operating at maximum efficiency.

Star Mechanical AC and Heating - Reliable Service in Manteca


Although we are known for our warm weather, it can get pretty chilly for us Californians too! And sometimes, those extra blankets just won’t cut it. That’s why at Star Mechanical, we provide a range of heating services for you to keep you cozy during our more chilly winter months. Whether you’re in need of a furnace cleaning, high-efficiency system installation, heat pump installations, or something else, we’ve got you covered — comfy and cozy is just a phone call away.

Heating Repair

Furnace breakdowns are all-too-common when they are switched back on for winter. Often systems can experience issues after being left off through the summer months.

At Star Mechanical, our experienced heating technicians are experts in working to keep your furnace operating properly and securely, so you and your family can feel safe and warm in your home. We are certified to work with a variety of furnace systems, so no matter the diagnosis, we’ll be there to help you find the perfect solution quickly and efficiently.

Boiler Repair for Heating
Furnace Installation

Furnace Installation

When it’s time to look for a new furnace, you want to call a company you can trust. Star Mechanical offers premium installation services for any of your residential or commercial spaces.

Our certified professionals can assist through every step of the way, from determining which system fits your needs best to installing and maintaining it without you ever having to lift a finger. So ditch the extra blankets, and let Star Mechanical help you install your new, high-efficiency furnace so you and your family can start enjoying the cozy heat in no time!

Star Mechanical AC and Heating - Reliable Service in Manteca

AC & Heating Maintenance Services

You might have heard us talk about our maintenance services — and because of its importance, we feel it deserves its own section on the website!

Your HVAC system puts in a lot of work to keep you comfortable during the hot, dry summers and cozy during the cold, wet winters. It’s easy to forget just how often your system is working in the background to maintain your home.

What are the benefits of regular maintenance?

  • Ensure your system is running at maximum capacity
  • Extend the lifetime of your equipment
  • Maximize energy efficiency
  • Limit your system from the chance of falling victim to otherwise preventable, costly repairs and malfunctions

We think those are some pretty good benefits! What do you think? Get in touch with us below to take advantage of maintenance for your air conditioner and furnace. We promise you won’t regret it!

Star Mechanical AC and Heating - Reliable Service in Manteca

Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that indoor air quality is one of the top health concerns of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency? It can have a range of effects on your family's health. The average person spends most of their time indoors – many up to 90 percent. Over time, exposure to poor indoor air quality can cause minor symptoms from sneezing and colds to more serious symptoms like asthma and sinusitis. Most often, poor air quality is caused by indoor air pollutants like secondhand smoke, dust mites, pets, molds, pests, and more.

How can you improve your air quality?

There are multiple ways to improve and maintain your indoor air quality. One way is source control or eliminating the causes of indoor air pollution. Simple tactics like changing your air filters and dusting regularly, refraining from smoking indoors, and cleaning your pets can reduce the amount of air pollution in your home. Improving the ventilation in your home can also help by reducing pollutants and exhaust through ventilation outdoors and help your home feel balanced.

Another effective way is by removing air pollution directly through dependable air cleaning systems. HVAC systems with specialized, energy-efficient heat recovery ventilators and other air cleaning mechanics can greatly improve your home’s overall indoor air quality.

 AC Filter Changing
Mini Air Purifire for Home

How can we help you improve your air quality?

Determining the best approach to purifying your home’s indoor air quality can be tricky. Because there are many factors that influence indoor air quality like potential air pollutants and the type of HVAC system, doing so can be a headache.

Star Mechanical is dedicated to providing the cleanest air quality possible for the residents of Manteca and the surrounding areas. With highly trained professionals and years and years of experience in installing and repairing HVAC systems for residential and commercial properties, we can help you find the best air filtration and purification system that fits your needs. Whatever system you prefer, you can have peace of mind knowing your space’s air quality is healthy and pure.